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TrendScout Project Team

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TrendScout is a project with DATEV e.G., Nuremberg, Germany. DATEV is among the biggest information providers and software developers in Germany and Europe. Their main focus are manyfold products related to data processing, service, and software for the requirements of tax consultants. In this project, the main goal is to discover and present new trends in IT technology, to assess their importance for the future of the IT market, and to evaluate their usability in practice. Interesting topics can be suggested by the different groups in the cooperation. At the moment, two universities are permanently involved in the project (University of Wuerzburg, University of Trier). Experts from other universities join on invitation by our department for interesting new topics. Thematically, aspects of current and future hard- and software trends, evolving network technology, system security to control access to software and server systems, and security precautions to control access to high-security buildings are vitally discussed and broadly covered.

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