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MoPi Project Team

Kurt Tutschku (Contact)
Phuoc Tran-Gia (University of Würzburg)
Frank-Uwe Andersen (Contact)
+ Cornelia Kappler, SIEMENS AG
Hermann deMeer
(University of Passau)


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing has become the killer application in the Internet with respect to traffic and popularity which is even surpassing web usage. This makes P2P file-sharing commercially attractive to network operators interested in increased traffic. In parallel, the demand for wireless services has caused wireless networks to grow enormously. We assume that P2P file-sharing will be mapped onto mobile environments by its users. This results in a mobile P2P file-sharing service.

In this project, we examined the feasibility of the eDonkey file-sharing service in GPRS and UMTS networks and detected problems of the interaction between P2P and infrastructure-based mobile networks. We developed an architecture overcoming the restrictions of today's existing P2P concepts and mobile networks. Additional infrastructure elements have been introduced which are operator friendly and permit the network operators to regulate the service while preserving the user friendly P2P characteristics. The performance capabilities of the architecture were evaluated by extensive analytical and simulative studies.


MopiPhant compact .NET emule client released on 04.04.05
by Daniel Schlosser

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