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Joint Qualinet-VQEG team on Immersive Media (JQVIM)

Qualinet and VQEG have an ambition to increase the collaboration between the organizations. As a pilot effort we are hereby proposing a joint Qualinet-VQEG team on Immersive Media (JQVIM). The actual collaboration will be between the Task Force: “Immersive Media Experiences (IMEx)” of Qualinet and the Working Group “Immersive Media Group (IMG) of VQEG.


  • To uphold the liaison relation with VQEG, inform both QUALINET and VQEG on the activities in respective organization, and promote collaborations on other topics i.e. form new joint teams
  • Start collecting/producing immersive media content and dataset, document tools used for that purpose (possibly contribute to VRIF, MPEG, etc. activities
  • Start collecting papers providing initial ideas/proposals/limitations towards a methodology for QoE assessment of immersive media applications

How to join?

  • E-mail reflector:
  • In order to subscribe in mailing list, you simply have to send an (empty) email to and follow the steps of the e-mail being received. The instructions can also be found


  • Kjell Brunnström, Acreo, Sweden,
  • Christian Timmerer, UNIKLU,
  • Alexander Raake, TU-Ilmenau,
  • Lukas Krasula, IRCCyN - University of Nantes,

Open shared Google-document

MPEG AhG on Immersive Media Quality Evaluation


  1. Review and document existing methods to assess human perception and reaction to immersive media stimuli.
  2. Develop immersive media quality metrics and investigate their measurability in immersive media services.
  3. Develop guidelines for evaluating quality of experience of immersive media services.
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