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Task Force: "Immersive Media Experiences (IMEX)"

Immersive media applications are entering our daily lives starting from VR/AR/360° video applications to multi-sensory/mulsemedia experiences potentially addressing all human senses rather than focusing on hearing and seeing. The overall goal of providing Immersive Media Experiences (IMEx) to end users is giving them the sensation of being part of the particular media which shall result in a worthwhile, informative user and quality of experience.

The topics of this task force include, but are not limited to:

  • multi-sensory/mulsemedia;
  • VR/360/AR;
  • HDR;
  • 3D audio;
  • future video coding;
  • sensory integration;
  • synchronisation challenges across the physical and chemical senses;

The actual objectives of this task force are as follows



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