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Qualinet WG1 Taskforce "Gaming"

The goal of this task force is:

  • to identify the scientific challenges and problems for QoE assessment of gaming,
  • Define quality aspects, influence factors and performance indicators for computer gaming QoE,
  • to derive subjective testing methodologies and setups for different quality aspects of gaming QoE and different gaming genres,
  • (to create an overview of classical QoE assessment approaches (video, audio, web) and how they can contribute to QoE assessment of gaming methodologies),
  • to study the impact of network characteristics on gaming QoE in a cloud gaming scenario
  • to propose models for predicting QoE on the basis of measurable characteristics of game, platform, transmission channel and user interface
  • to create an overview of existing work from other fields such as HCI that is relevant for gaming QoE research

As a result, a common roadmap for this task force is envisioned and joint activities among the members of Qualinet are to be stimulated.

Envisioned Deliverables:

  • Test methods for measuring gaming QoE
  • Prediction models fro gaming QoE
  • Database for related work on gaming QoE

Members and Mailing List

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