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Qualinet WG2 Taskforce "Crowdsourcing"

The goal of this WG2 task force is

  • to identify the scientific challenges and problems for QoE assessment via crowdsourcing but also the strengths and benefits,
  • to derive a methodology and setup for crowdsourcing in QoE assessment including statistical approaches for proper analysis
  • to compare crowdsourcing QoE assessment approach with usual “lab” methodologies and to analyze the impact of the crowdsourcing environment
  • to analyze for which use cases crowdsourcing is appropriate or provides complementary results,
  • to provide recommendations and best practices from own experiences and crowdsourcing experiments including practical issues in implementing,
  • to get to know the people that accept and perform the jobs, their motivation, or the working environment,
  • to finally give a recommendation for using crowdsourcing for QoE purposes.

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